Corporate Sponsorship

Grief Support Services is an independent organisation which greatly values donations to assist with funding.  The majority of our funding comes from grants from local trusts eg TECT.  This is a lot of work and the funding must be reapplied for regularly through the year and often does not repeat for the next year.  We like to be sure of paying our counsellors every week as they expect, so we are always looking for income streams to guarantee their payment and to be sure we will have counsellors available to assist the public.  We are a not for profit organisation.


Corporate Sponsorship:


Join  other businesses and fund a full time Grief Counsellor for 5 years.

 In return we will visit your organisation and present to your staff  the concepts of Grief and how to manage it.   When you need grief support for your workplace  we will be available to assist on a fee basis.

Your donation will allow us to continue our subsidised service to the community throughout the year.  

It you would like more information please fill in the form below or call us.

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