Supporting You

Our counsellors offer individual and whanau/family sessions to help you talk about your loss and grief in a caring way and help you make sense of the change that is taking place in your life. We offer an eight week bereavement support course “Riding the Grief Wave and an eight week after suicide informative support group “WAVES”.

Sometimes people can feel they can’t speak up because of the expectations our culture has about grieving.  

To be told things such as “it’s time you moved on” or “you’ll find a new partner” can make it difficult to continue expressing your grief.     We will listen to you without such expectations and accompany you as you make your way through this time.  You may associate grief with the death of a loved one but any loss can cause grief.  See Common Causes of Grief

Grief Support Services offers:

Individual and whanau/family counselling

An eight week bereavement support course “Riding the Grief Wave” click here for more information


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Friends and Family

If you would like one of our counsellors to talk to you about how Grief Support can help a friend or family member who is grieving please click here.

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