Grief is a natural response to loss. It's the suffering you feel when you are parted from someone or something you love. You may associate grief with the death of a loved one.

Any loss can cause grief including:

Divorce or relationship breaking up Death of a pet
Loss of Health Loss of cherished dreams
Loss of a job A loved one’s serious illness
Loss of financial stability Loss of a friendship
A miscarriage Loss of safety after a trauma
Retirement Selling the family home
Changing jobs Moving away from home
Termination Changing schools


Everyone grieves differently:

The way we grieve and the effects of grief are unique to each of us. There is no “right way” of grieving. It can get confusing or overwhelm you with its intensity.

The intensity of the grief relates to how attached we were to what or who it is we’ve lost, how suddenly the loss occurred, the way in which it occurred and what it might mean for the future. Whatever the loss is that we experience it is always accompanied by change. There can be much to adjust to. 

Some people start to feel better in weeks or months while for others it’s measured in years. Whatever your grief experience, it is important to be patient with yourself and not be afraid to seek help if you sense the need. We can help you. 

If you would like to find out how Grief Support Services can help you or to make an appointment to see a counsellor, please fill out the contact form. We will call you back within the next 24 hours. Or call 07 578 4480 during office hours.

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