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A Special Remembrance Concert

Creating hope through action is the focus of a remembrance concert being hosted by Grief Support Services on Sunday September 10, and held for anyone impacted by loss to suicide.

“This is a precious time for all to come together to share stories of hope and courage through grief and loss and to honour the memories of those we carry with us,” says Grief Support Services’ Suicide Bereavement Support Coordinator Amy Colonna.

The Grief Support Remembrance Concert will feature speakers and musical performances at Tauranga Yacht Club.

“Grieving loss to suicide can be an isolating and traumatic journey. Comfort can often be found in connection with others who relate.

“We offer this event with the hope to create a space for people to be heard, to feel seen and understood and connect new support networks with others who may have also lost a loved one to suicide.

The Memorial Service has been an annual event on the calendar for Grief Support Services and the date aligns with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Amy says there will be a selection of resources available regarding how to support others in mental distress and suicide prevention, as well as how to look after ourselves when grieving traumatic loss.

“We hope the speakers and any music and poetry that will be performed on the day will offer comfort, inspiration, and healing to our community.

“We will have set speakers and performers on the day but would like to invite you and loved ones to join us as a community. We will open the floor for the final 15 minutes to anyone who would like to share a tribute or speak to journey they have been through after losing a loved one in this way.”

The remembrance concert will take place from 10am to 12pm on Sunday, September 10, at Tauranga Yacht Club, Sulphur Point, Tauranga. No charge – donations welcome.

For more information, contact Amy Colonna on or visit the website

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