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Grief Support Services' qualified counsellors are available to work with your organisation to talk about grief and assist your staff individually as required.  This can be a presentation at a staff meeting about grief and our services. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you and discuss how we have assisted workplaces with staff grief with bereavement illness and accidents. Grief Support Services charges for these services to the workplace.

Bereavement in the Workplace


As an employer, you are in a position to make a difference for your employee as they find a way of living with their loss and adapting to a changed life. Your employee will need you, and their colleagues, support and understanding. Be prepared that this could be for longer than you imagine. No two people will respond the same way to losing a loved one.

Grief is not necessarily predictable.

Grief Support Services have worked with Elliotts Funeral Services to produce and print a brochure called "Bereavement in the Workplace for Employees". 

Corporate Sponsorship

Grief Support Services is an independent organisation which greatly values donations to assist with funding. The majority of our funding currently comes from grants from local trusts or gaming organisations. This is a lot of work and the funding must be reapplied for regularly through the year and often does not repeat for the next year due to changes of funding priorities. We are always looking for income streams to guarantee we will have counsellors available to assist the public.  

By partnering with us, your contribution will allow us to continue and potentially expand our funded service to the community throughout the year.  

We have a comprehensive sponsorship presentation available for you to view or our General Manager, Ana Toneato, is happy to discuss our support opportunities with you. 

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