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After our recent office refurbishment we had lots of white walls! What could we do with them?

We decided to offer our white walls to local Bay of Plenty artists to supply art and create the Grief Support Services Art Exhibition.

We are now proud to be displaying these beautiful original artworks which will change periodically to keep everything fresh and interesting. The aim is to create a relaxed and welcoming place for our clients to help them on their healing journey and give the artists an opportunity to sell their art.

We hope you will support this initiative. 

On display we have a big variety of colourful and expressive artworks for sale, ranging from landscapes, portraits, abstracts and numbered prints, all at different prices. All artworks are for sale. 

Bruce Alexander Hutchinson

Veteran artist Bruce Hutchinson, 77, has been painting and drawing for much of his life, alternating between careers in art and newspaper journalism around New Zealand.

 He enjoys exploring and painting outdoors to capture the character and varied landforms of the country and the interaction between nature and man in a way that ordinary people can relate to, in a loose, semi-realist interpretive style that reflects his personality and life journey.


Working alternatively in oils, acrylics or pen-and-watercolour, he has completed hundreds of private commissions for clients throughout NZ and overseas, including illustrating seven books on historic and rural subjects. He has exhibited widely, including at rural events and solo and private showings.

With his wife of 56 years, Dorothy, Bruce moved back to the area in 2014 from Christchurch and works from his home-based studio in Papamoa. He is an active member of the Tauranga Society of Artists and has conducted workshops for a number of art groups around NZ.

He is available for commissions of your favourite scene or subject.  Consultations are free and without obligation.

To talk to Bruce about art on display or to view other pieces contact:

STUDIO: 61 Romana Crescent, Papamoa. Email: Ph: 021-02496189 or 07-9296789

bruce 2.jpg

“Scotts Beach, Heaphy Track” 

bruce 3.jpg

“Mangawhero Stream” 

bruce 1.jpg

“Papamoa Beach 

Robin Purllant

I was born in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, on the east coast of England. From the age of 12 I received private drawing lessons and at 14 I won a scholarship to study at the Hornsey College of Art, one of London’s most prestigious Art schools. After graduating wth honours I was offered a position as an Art Director at JWT - one of the world’s leading Advertising agencies. This began a very successful career in advertising in which I continued all my working life. I became the Creative Director

robin purllant.png

on large multinational accounts and won many national and international awards for creativity. During this time I also painted many portraits and began illustrating children’s books which I have continued to do to the present day. I married a “Kiwi” and in 1979 arrived in New Zealand and continued my advertising career and then set up my own creative consultancy. I finally retired in 2013 although I still illustrate and design on a casual freelance basis. I now concentrate on painting. During my career as an advertising creative I had little time to paint and exhibit my work, something I am now rectifying. My work is full of “ideas” and I have developed a narrative style that is based around keen observation of the natural world and an accuracy in drawing. My preference is for the use of mixed media and I love experimenting and controlling the textures of unrelated materials. I also teach privately, both drawing and painting and I am currently working towards an exhibition which will be held in Auckland. I am also participating in a unique exhibition later this year which combines the work of textile and pigment artists. My work has been bought by collectors in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, America and England. I have also been a finalist on 3 occasions at the NZ National Portrait Award.

the mounts all mine.jpg

“The Mount's All Mine” 


“The Darkling Thrush” 


“La Nageuse” 

Christie Cramer

Hi I’m Christie Cramer, I am a self-taught artist, and have been painting full time since 2017. Born in Haarlem in the Netherlands, my family immigrated to New Zealand when I was 8 years old. I now live and work full time as an artist in Papamoa. I love to use bold, vibrant, translucent colours, which set my work apart. I am drawn to botanical subjects through my lifelong love and connection to nature. In my paintings, the subjects, while still recognizable, become abstracted versions of themselves. The imperfections in nature making them more interesting to me. As I paint, I see the canvas as a place of contemplation, allowing the colours to flow and blend, then looking for the composition to emerge intuitively from this process. I start with some intention of the outcome, but am happy to let the painting lead me along a different path. Just as in my yoga practice, my art is a process which evolves, and is different each time I work on a canvas. It is a 

christie cramer.png

constant balance between control and letting go so that the work evolves from the process as much as from my pre conceived ideas. For more information see -

christie rock.png

“Rock Bottom” 

christie taro.png
christie motuhoa.png


“Taro Tangle” 


“Wings of Hope” 
$150.00 the pair

Nicola Welten

I’m an expressionist artist working in acrylics. A long-time local living in Bethlehem but hailing originally from South Auckland, I’m from a family of painters, photographers & artisans going generations back.With a love of joyful, vibrant colour palettes, my work is loosely inspired by my love of colourful flower gardens and the New Zealand landscape, The thing I most love about painting compared to other art forms is that the colour possibilities with paint are endless and unlimiting. I always begin work in an expressive, intuitive way focusing on the process and usually without much intention except to work with a particular colour palette or subject matter. My art reflects a feeling or sensory experience rather than a literal


interpretation of a scene. My landscape works are often related to my obsession with family history.

My floral works are another outlet for my colour obsession and almost hark back to my Childhood. Lately I have been working with exploring colour and transparency further and striving to find a balance midway between abstract and representational that resonates for me. The most common response I get from viewers of my work, is that it is uplifting and makes people feel happy.

nicola peaceful.jpg

“A Peaceful Place” 

nicola road trip.png

“Road Trip Valley Views” 

nicola garden.png

“The Garden Ramble” 

nicola kaimai.png

“Kaimai Sunset” 

Stella Clark

Kia ora,

I am a mixed media artist who paints large scale artworks onto canvas and plywood. I use texture and colour to bring awareness and to show the beauty of our environment.

I also enjoy painting abstract works to explore ideas in original ways.

My studio space is at home and out of Imprint Gallery, in the Historic Village, Tauranga – which Jackie Knotts and I run. You will find me there most weekends .

I also enjoy teaching art to children during term time and doing one-day Art Workshops.

stella punga.png

“Punga Punga Island” 

stella ohiwa.png


Jackie Knotts

Jackie Knotts graduated in painting from Ilam School of Fine Arts. She later attended etching classes with John Drawbridge at Wellington Polytechnic followed by post graduate studies in printmaking at Central and Camberwell in London. Returning to New Zealand printmaking was put on hold because of teaching and setting up and running a business until taking up lino cuts as a more accessible way of producing prints.

Known for her ‘what if’ approach, Jackie is never satisfied with following the obvious route and simply perfecting something she’s already good at. She loves pushing boundaries, discovering new techniques and creating unique artworks. “I have more ideas than time to explore them!” she says. “My latest goal is to figure


out the perfect way to combine lithography, linocuts and drawings – that’s going to be a real rabbit hole.”

Jackie Leger.png

“Leger Makeover Series 1” 

Jackie Hyacinths.png


Jackie Leger 2.png

“Leger Makeover Series 2” 

Jackie blocks cat.png

“Blocks Cat” 

jackie Inscrutable.png


Jackie two birds.png

“Two Birds in a Bush” 

jackie blocks dog.png

“Blocks Dog” 

Jackie sheep.png

“Blocks Sheep” 

jackie Guinea Pig.png

“Blocks Guinea Pig” 

Yvonne Lambert

Works on canvas: here I am investigating how much momentum I can gain by using repetition and process painting, where I deliberately make the experience of painting more important than the outcome. My intention is to control some early aspects (eg the decision to use paper, transparent paint and repetitive marks).  How the paint blends with the previous layer has its own volition. These rules precipitate action, and with every small mark momentum builds and it becomes a pleasurable activity. These works are like chapters in a book, there are endless variations and outcomes (change the colour, the pressure on the canvas, the size of the mark, the density of the marks).


The end result is a record of the making and can be complex and surprising.

Viewers often ask how my work was done, and if they are prints. I believe in just starting and something good will happen.

balls yvonne.png

“Keeping the Balls in the Air” 
Acrylic on canvas
51cm x 41cm


“ESC 16” 


“Kisses & Hugs” 
$100.00 for pair

oil can.jpg

“Oil Can” 

yvonne 24.png

Acrylic on canvas
57cm x 75cm

yvonne 25.png

Acrylic on canvas
50cm x 65cm

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