Individual and Family/ Whanau Counselling 

Our counsellors offer sessions to help you talk about your loss and grief in a caring way and help you make sense of the change that is taking place in your life. 
Specialised Child Counselling
We work with children from age 6 or parents of children younger than 6 to support them to optimise the child’s development and wellbeing as they adjust to loss.
Support and Understanding
Sometimes people can feel they can’t speak up because of the expectations our culture has about grieving. To be told things such as “it’s time you moved on” or “you’ll find a new partner” can make it difficult to continue expressing your grief.

We will listen to you without expectations and accompany you as you make your way through this time.

You may associate grief with the death of a loved one but any loss can cause grief.

Grief Support Services Also Offers:

Helpful Links

To other support groups and agencies, websites, apps and more. 

Grief In the Workplace

We are available to work with your organisation to talk about grief and assist your staff as required. 


To your workplace, retirement village or agency about our services.

Grief Support Services is an independent not for profit organisation which greatly values donations to assist our community funding. We are a registered charity so you can claim a tax rebate on all donations above $5.

Suicide Bereavement Support Options

Our services relating to Suicide Bereavement Support are fully funded by Te Whatu Ora - HNZ.

We organise an annual Bereaved by Suicide Memorial Service which is held in September.

Details for 2022 will be published closer to the event date.

Holding Hands


Available to those affected by someone’s suicidal behaviour or bereaved by suicide.

Suicide Bereavement Support Groups

Please join us in this safe space to share, find support and explore new ways to heal after the loss of someone to suicide, either recent or past. 

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WAVES After Suicide Support

WAVES is an 8-week grief education group that aims to support adults bereaved by suicide in their understanding and management of grief and development of resilience.

Suicide Loss Support Peers

Inviting people who have lived, experienced suicide, bereavement to provide time as a volunteer to support another person who is recently bereaved. 

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Riverlight Suicide Loss Support & Groups

Katikati/Waihi Beach - The support group meets the first Saturday of each month.