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Grief Support Services is a non-profit organisation based in Greerton providing subsidised professional grief and loss counselling. For a percentage of the population their circumstances mean they can find ways through their grief without professional support. However, for many others this is not the case and terms such as complicated, chronic, and cumulative may describe their experience of grief. Understanding loss can become a complex issue. Our counsellors offer sessions to help individuals and families/whānau talk about their loss and grief in a caring way to help make sense of, and manage, the changes that are taking place.


While we cannot share individual client stories, here is some feedback we recently received from one of our clients:

“The support and compassion helped immensely to bring me forward to a point of well-being and being happy to be alive again. No words can show my appreciation for the Counsellor who is passionate about their career and helping people. I will forever remember them as being a turning point in my life. Thank you to the Counsellor and Grief Support Services - you are much needed.”

To fund our service, we ask clients to donate towards their counselling sessions but much of our funding currently comes from philanthropic sources such as gaming organisations or local trusts. Our services related to suicide bereavement support are fully funded by Te Whatu Ora – HNZ. Here’s what it takes to provide counselling for one individual or family/whānau. In our last financial year, we provided 1898 sessions for 455 clients – an average of 4 sessions per client so it costs our organisation approximately $118 to provide one counselling session. We often run a waiting list with an average wait time of 44 days throughout the 2021/2022 year. (Figures exclude our contract funded work.)

Our aim this year is to increase the number of counselling sessions offered and to reduce our wait times. This will mean that we can help more people to manage the turmoil of grief and loss and attain their aspirations for their quality of life. To achieve this, we have set a fundraising goal of $40,000.00 to be raised through corporate sponsorship. Based on our figures this translates to an additional 339 sessions or an extra 85 individuals or families/whānau supported.  

We are currently inviting expressions of interest from local businesses to join with us to support our mission. We have a comprehensive partnership proposal brochure that introduces you to our organisation and the opportunities we offer. We have sponsorship packages starting from $500 per year along with alternative or pro-bono support opportunities.

support counselling (2).png

Please note that the packages are designed to be flexible so our Business Development Manager, Jen Murray, is always happy to discuss a more bespoke option with you. We are also happy to spread a per annum sponsorship arrangement throughout the year on a plan to suit you. For a copy of our brochure, please let Jen know if you would like an email or posted version to be sent to you and she can also set up a follow up phone call, email or meeting to discuss further. Donations of any value are also welcomed.

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