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WAVES After Suicide Group

We are taking registrations for our next 8-week WAVES programme running from Monday 13 February to Monday 3 April 2023 from 5:30 to 7:30pm. The group supports adults bereaved by suicide in their understanding and management of grief and development of resilience. It offers the opportunity to meet and share with others who are also experiencing the impact of suicide.

WAVES supports members to:

  • ​Process and manage thoughts and feelings around what has happened.

  • Find meaning in their experiences.

  • Discuss the nature of suicide.

  • Gain information and strategies about how to care for themselves and others after a suicide, including children and young people.

  • Adjust to living with loss and move forwards.

​This programme is interactive and supportive and will be delivered in a friendly and safe way.

To learn more and to read an overview on the WAVES programme please visit

To register or to learn more contact our Suicide Bereavement Support Coordinator, Jeanette Jones, on 021 754 480 or

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