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Memorial Service 2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The team at Grief Support Services would like to invite you, your family/whanau and friends to join us for this year’s community Memorial Service to remember our loved ones lost to suicide.

This service is a precious time for all to come together to share stories of hope and courage through loss and to honour the memories of those we carry with us. This year we extend the invitation and encourage those impacted in the ripple that occurs after such a loss, to join us. We know that for each death there are many people who suffer the shock, uncertainty, disbelief, trauma and grief that ripples out from this loss. People such as extended family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbours. Everyone has the right to acknowledge their personal impact no matter what. We want to share this time and space with everyone as we talk about ways we can heal as individuals and together as a community. Guest speakers, tributes, shared food and support information.

We will be having a tree of remembrance at the Memorial Service where you can add the name of your loved one along with a short message. If you are not able to come to the service but would like your loved one's name added, please email their details here or phone 07 578-4480. Please keep your message to a maximum of 10 words as space on the leaf is limited.

We extend this invitation to anyone in our community who has been affected by suicide loss. One theme of the service is to highlight the important knowledge that suicide affects many people, and in various ways. All deserve to understand this unique and complex form of grief, the accompanying emotional reactions and to have ways to support themselves and others. One example of just how large and widespread this ripple is, would be a death by suicide for a young person. We would naturally see the school community directly affected, from class mates to teachers, and parents and families of students school-wide. Social media also extends the reach of the ripple. The death of a young person has multiple ripples into the community, and these can last a long time. The death of an adult also has far-reaching ripples. Sometimes the person may not have shown prior “signs”. They may have looked to have been fine, had what everyone assumes would make someone content with purpose and reasons to live. When an adult dies we have ripples that reach co-workers, extended family, children and young people, friends, neighbours and members of the various parts of the community the person related within. The range of sadness, unanswered questions and feelings of helplessness that can follow are very real, and take time to work through. We believe that no one should have to grieve alone, that with the right information and care, grief and effects from suicide bereavement can be supported and healing can begin.

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