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Tay's Ks

Leigh Kite is fundraising to support organisations dedicated to improving the mental health of New Zealand youth.

"On 28 February 2022, Taylor Kite, our deeply loved and cherished son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend and boyfriend, died by suicide aged just 22," says Leigh.

"A beautiful young man, both inside and out, Taylor blessed us all with his kindness, caring heart, quick wit and inimitable smile. Talented, full of promise, his whole life ahead of him. His death has shattered our worlds."

"We are now the memory keepers, the rememberers. The people left behind. The people left to cherish and preserve a legacy, committed to keeping Taylor alive in heart and mind. So we are coming together on 15th October to run/walk the Whitianga marathon, half marathon, 10km or 5km. In memory of Taylor, to help others struggling with their mental health and to promote suicide awareness and prevention."

"The tragedy of suicide is not something that just happens to other people. We bear witness to this terrifying truth and want to play our part in preventing it from ever darkening your door."

Leigh Kite is Taylor's mother and will ensure funds are distributed to the organisations they have identified as being dedicated to promoting mental health. All funds raised will go towards I Am Hope, Soul Learning Ltd and the Whitianga Marathon Event.

Visit the Givealittle page at

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